David Fanning is a photographer, storyteller, and traveler living in northern Colorado. 

I got into photography originally as a way to document my travels, especially on The Colorado Trail. (See my book about my Colorado Trail experience: Voices of The Colorado Trail.) I was enchanted with the grand landscapes of the famous landscape photographers, and like the Instagram feed of almost every travel photographer. In the past year, however, as I concentrated on learning as much as I could about photography, I found myself less interested in the grand landscape photo and more interested in the small, intimate landscapes you have to look harder to find. I love these unique, one-of-a-kind images that speak more to me of the unique and special aspects of a place. To explore this more, closer to home, I have embarked on a project to visit and photograph all 48 of the Fort Collins Natural Areas. I'm looking for images that speak to me of place. A side benefit, as I walk slowly though each natural area, is that I'm finding things I never expected to find, even in areas I thought I knew well. For me, photography has become a new and intimate way of seeing the world. I hope to take this vision back to The Colorado Trail in 2019, where I plan to walk slowly, take a boatload of pictures, and set a new trail record for the Slowest Known Time (SKT) to complete the trail!
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