David Fanning is a photographer, storyteller, and traveler living in northern Colorado. 

I became interested in photography originally as a way to document my travels, especially on The Colorado Trail. (See my book about my Colorado Trail experience: Voices of the Colorado Trail.) I was enchanted with the grand landscapes of the famous landscape photographers, and wanted to be like them.  Over time, however, I became less interested in the grand landscape photo and more interested in the small, intimate landscapes you have to look harder to find. I love these unique, one-of-a-kind images that speak more to me of the unique and special aspects of a place. These days I add to my love of the outdoors and nature, with images of abstract shapes and colors, environmental and formal portraits, and photographic art.

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, I joined with my friend, Vyvyan Brunst, to open a photography business we named Ultralight Images. We offer the full range of photographic services and consider ourselves visual storytellers. If you have a story to tell, we would love to help you tell it!

We offer images to sell on our Ultralight Images webpage, so if you see something here that you like and you don't see it over there, please let me know and I can make it happen for you. If you would like to follow what we are up to, please follow us on Facebook.

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